Payment Methods

To make the payment of any reservation with Incredible Travel, we have 3 ways; easy and very safe payment options, from payment by debit card – credit, cash deposit and bank transfer:


It is the easiest way to make online payments, with this means of payment you can make it from your credit or debit card.

You pay by associating your cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and / or Discover) with PayPal, just by using your email and a password, you will be able to access PayPal, registering is easy, fast and very secure. 

Here you can see how to join PayPal. 

Why pay with PayPal?

It is our suggestion, because PayPal gives you a huge advantage, that what was offered was breached. PayPal returns the money that made the payment

Procedure to make the payment with PayPal:

  1. We send you to your email, which is the payment format of Incredible Travel SRL (make sure that our logo and our data are in this format). In this format it will show you the amount that the payment must make.
  2. Click “view and pay a receipt.”
  3. There they will show you a receipt with the payment details.
  4. Then click “pay now.”
  5. There your “payment format” appears. Where it asks you to access your PayPal account with your email and your password (remember that in PayPal you can register at no cost).
  6. Once you have entered your data and password, it will ask you to complete the form with your personal data. Here you can choose the option to make the payment with a CREDIT card or use a card from a bank account.

Once this process is finished, automatically we will know that you made the payment, we will be able to contact you, with the payment confirmation.


This is one of the most effective and fastest ways to make payment for any reservation with Incredible Travel.

Western Union, with more than 150 years of experience. Now with more than 486,000 agents in more than 200 countries around the world, thereby gaining a reputation in the money transfer market.

How to send money from an agent?

  1. Reach out to a Western Union Agent near your location, you can search for a nearby agent.

Here: Check Western Union Agencies

  1. Complete the SEND MONEY form.
  2. You need the following information:
  3. Beneficiary data:
    1. Name of Receiver: MARCO ANTONIO BEJAR QUISPE
    2. Identity Document (DNI): 44085151
    3. Address: CUSCO
    4. City: CUSCO – PERÚ
  4. Use your personal data to complete the Sender Data section.
  5. Please verify that the data is correct.
  6. Show the cashier your identity document and make the payment, you will need:
    1. Completed form.
    2. Identification document.
    3. Payment of the amount to be sent, including shipping charges.

Indicate to the agent that the shipment will be in American dollars.

Once the deposit is made, they will give you a receipt, this includes the MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number). On the Western Union website, you can check the status of the shipment through the MTCN.

Once you have this MTCN number, please send them to us for verification, plus please send a photo of the Boucher they gave you at Western Union.

You can track the money sent here


Through this payment system, you can make direct payments or by bank transfer only for deposits from banks within Peru.

NOTE:  The deposit must be in the name of INCREDIBLE TRAVEL SRL.

Once the deposit is made, please send us a photo of the Deposit Boucher, for its corresponding verification.

In this way we will give you the conformity of the corresponding deposit, sending you a confirmation email of the same.

NOTE: Because it is a transfer, there are commissions charged by the Bank, with which these commissions are not included in the rates provided, and these must be paid by you.

Any additional information about the payment methods, please contact

The deposit will have to be made to the following data:

  • Bank: Banco de Crédito del Perú.
  • Bank Address: Av. EL Sol 189.
  • On behalf of: INCREDIBLE TRAVEL SRL.
  • Account Number: 285-2274169-0-89.
  • Currency Type: PERUVIAN SUN.

Frequently asked questions about payment methods:

PayPal : Send money only by credit or debit card.

Western Union : Sending cash.

Bank : Sending cash (only within Peru).

PayPal gives you the return advantage in case the service was breached.

The ideal for your trip to Peru, Cusco – Machu Picchu, is 31 days before your trip, to be able to secure the rates and your reservation. If you already have your vacation dates well in advance, it is best to secure your reservation.

We request a pre-payment, it will be according to the type of program contracted, any payment order can be by email or by WhatsApp, once you indicate what method you choose.


WhatsApp: +51 993 903 870

Once you have made the pre-payment, we will send you an email with the confirmation of the pre-payment and the respective service vouchers, which certify that you have made the pre-payment and that you have contracted a tour program.

Yes, the payment methods charge a commission for sending the money, either by any of the payment methods.

Once you indicate what the payment method would be, we will indicate the amount of the commission, which are not high but are small amounts.

We go to your hotel to deliver all your tickets that are necessary for your trip, we provide you with information about the program and you can pay the balance right there.

Incredible Travel, is a tour operator travel agency, legally established in Peru. For more information I invite you to read How to trust us?

Please if you had more inquiries, please write: