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Rainbow Mountain Tour



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In the city of Cusco, the archaeological capital of America (1933), besides you can visit many archaeological remains, there are also incredible natural landscapes where you will be amazed and amazed.

One of those natural landscapes is the Rainbow Mountain, located in the Cusco region, which is a must-see when you are in Cusco, also known as Vinicunca Mountain or Mountain 7 colors.

The Rainbow Mountain Tour short route, is a tour in a single day departing from the City of Cusco, with everything included, where you only worry about enjoying the nature that surrounds you at every step.

Rainbow Mountain Tour

1 Day

Start your adventure very early, we pass by your hotel in the City of Cusco (3 350 masl), and we go to the south of the City, the journey is 2 hours until we reach the first stopping point, on the way you will rest inside of transport.

Cusipata (3 310 masl) is the first town, where the breakfast that is included in this tour will be, the breakfast you will have is varied, with 100% Peruvian products, which are necessary to gain strength to continue the adventure.

Continuing with the trip to the Rainbow Mountain Tour short route, you will go along a trail, you enter the Andes, between mountains with incredible landscapes, this journey will be 1 hour in transport until you reach the point called Chillihuani (3,887 masl) , end point of transport.

grupo montaña de 7 colores

You will have the great experience of stepping on the mountains, feeling the fresh and cold air, where you will feel a great emotion of feeling the impeccable nature that will be surrounding you. Throughout the journey you will always be accompanied by our tour guide, a specialist in mountain walks.

You will start the walk along a path, heading to the Mountain of 7 colors for a short route, to make the walk easier, we will give you some poles, with which you will support each step on the trail.

Camino Montaña de Siete Colores

The first hour of walking is a very easy path, a flat path, where the only difficulty will be the height and the cold, after this time you will reach the foothills of the Vinincunca Mountain itself (called the mountain of 7 colors – rainbow mountain).

camino a la montaña arcoiris

You will be very close to having the famous Rainbow Mountain in front of you, but you will have to make one last effort to climb the Mountain, this effort will be through a very steep path, where you will have to make a greater effort, the path is 30 minutes, until reaching the very top of the famous Rainbow Mountain (5 020 masl).

You will have a magnificent view and you will witness the natural landscape, which will be surrounding you, this mountain nestled in a simply incredible mountain range. You will be at the top, for around 45 minutes, so you can take the souvenir photos and enjoy the landscape.

montaña de arco iris

You return along the same path, always accompanied by our tour guide, to Chillihuani (3,887 meters above sea level), where the transport will be waiting for you to take you back along the same path to Cusipata (3 310 meters above sea level). In this place you will have lunch, with an exquisite and varied diet.

Valle de la Montaña 7 Colores

You will get on the transport that brings you back to the city of Cusco (3 350 masl), upon arrival we will drop you off at your hotel in the city of Cusco. So you can rest after a hard day.

End of our services.

  • Tourist transport.
  • Warm blankets inside the transport.
  • Official Tourism Guide, with extensive experience in hiking.
  • Tour guide assistant.
  • Group no more than 15 people.
  • The group’s language is bilingual (Spanish – English).
  • First aid kit.
  • Food (breakfast, snack, lunch).
  • Walking sticks for the walk.
  • Entrance ticket to the Rainbow Mountain (Vinincunca mountain).
  • Permanent assistance 24/7.
  • Accommodation | Lodging.
  • Horse Rent – arriero.
  • Some extra not detailed in the program.

Vinicunca Mountain, called the famous Rain Mountain – Mountain of 7 Colors.

Being a hike where you reach more than 5 thousand meters high, the climate is unforgiving, therefore it is mandatory that you go dressed and wear:

  • Cap or wide-brimmed hat.
  • Cap that covers the ears.
  • Sun glasses.
  • Sunblock cream.
  • Polo or long-sleeved shirt.
  • Jacket – waterproof jacket, sweater – warm sweater.
  • Scarf – Shawl.
  • Long pants.
  • Leg warmers.
  • Gloves for the hands.
  • Socks – long stockings.
  • Footwear – sneakers – tennis for hiking or trekking.
  • Poncho or rain cape.
  • Small backpack.
  • Water or due rehydrating agents.
  • Coca leaves, coca candies, chocolates, nuts.
  • Photographic camera, extra batteries (due to the fact that in the cold the battery discharge is much faster).
  • Cash in local currency (Soles S /.)

The rates mentioned are per person and in US dollars:

The cost is $ 39.00 Dollars.

To book the Rainbow Mountain tour, you have to complete the reservation form and we will send you all the details about the tour to the Seven Colors Mountain. You will review a response within 24 hours. Please may our email go to your junk mail box (spam).

If you do not receive any response, please write us directly to the email:, you can also write to us at WhatsApp: +51 993 903 870, communication by this means is immediate.

Please you can enter this link so that you can know more about us.

Para fazer a reserva do passeio à Montanha das Sete Cores, não é necessário pré-pagamento. Você pode garantir sua reserva com seu compromisso, por e-mail. Ou também adquirindo qualquer outro passeio como o passeio a Machu Picchu.

Iremos ao seu hotel na cidade de Cusco, um dia antes para falar sobre o passeio, em horário e data previamente combinados.

It is in US Dollars. Because it is an international currency and is handled by most countries. And its easy conversion.

The height reached in this program is a matter of concern, it is 5 thousand meters high you will reach.

It is recommended that you spend a few days in the City of Cusco that this City is at 3,350 meters above sea level, and it will help you to acclimatize a few days before doing the walk to the Rainbow Mountain tour.

When you arrive at the Cusco airport (Alejandro Velazco Astete International Airport), from where you take your bags, there are several taxi drivers offering the taxi service, I recommend that you ask the taxi drivers: How much is the cost to the address of your hotel? Normally the cost is about S /. 15.00 (USD 5.00) to S /. 20.00 Soles (USD 6.00) for the taxi, remember to always check the price of the service beforehand. The taxi service preferably pay with local currency (Soles).

Note: There are some hotels that include the transfer from the airport to the hotel, and they actually wait for you with your name on a sign, and take you to a car (taxi), please ask the person if the taxi is already paid through the hotel and talk to the driver, who will pay for the transfer?

I give you this warning because it happens many times that hotels offer the transfer service and in the end the car driver charges you for the transfer service and it may cause you inconvenience.

In the City of Cusco, being a tourist place, there are many accommodation options from luxury hotels, tourist hotels, hostels, hostels and airbnb.

My recommendation to consider which hotel to book, you should consider the location, which is close to the Plaza de Armas of Cusco, this is basically so that you are close to restaurants, galleries, museums and you can better explore the city of Cusco.

Another consideration you must have to reserve your accommodation are the comments left by travelers who have already stayed at the hotel, who have positive comments and a good rating.

Yes, we help you book your hotel, let us know that we have very good hotel options.

Please write to us to advise you with the reservation of your hotel.

Contact us …

That’s how we pick it up from any hotel located in the City of Cusco. But however preferably it would be from hotels that are within the historic center of Cusco.

Please have to wait at the reception or lobby of your hotel, there our team will ask for you.

We will tell you the day before, what time would be the pick-up time from your hotel for your tour.

Our virtue is to be very punctual with the indicated schedules.

Our group is small, no more than 16 people. The group is in bilingual, our tour guide speaks 2 languages which are Spanish and English.

Yes, an official tour guide is included, with extensive experience in mountain hiking, and we also have an assistant tour guide who will go with the group.

You reach the height of 5 thousand meters above sea level, but during the journey you will pass through some towns that are at the following heights:

Start of the tour: Cusco – 3 350 masl.

Breakfast and Lunch Place: Cusipata – 3 310 masl.

Start of the Walk: Chillihuani – 3 887 masl.

Top of the Mountain: Vinincunca – 5 020 masl.

When entering a wild place within the Andes, the restaurant used is of rustic construction, but nevertheless with all the comforts and cleanliness that you require.

The walk requires an additional effort to conquer the top of the Mountain, therefore at breakfast you will find a variety of nutritious foods necessary for the walk.

We will also give you a small snack for the walk, which will alleviate the hunger of the moment.

Lunch will be in the same place where you have breakfast. Lunch consists of a variety of foods based on Meat (Chicken, beef, Fish), soups, pasta, which will restore the lost energy.

The famous mountain of 7 colors is a tourist name, which was put to the natural attraction to be able to promote and be known by all tourists. This famous mountain has the name of Vinincunca or Winicunca.

So it will be the same mountain that you visit in this Rainbow Mountain tour.

In order to access this natural attraction there are 2 access roads, one long, which was the first route where you walk 2 hours 30 minutes, to reach the top of the mountain and another second route, is the well-known short route where you walk 1 hour 30 minutes, in order to reach the same point, which would be the viewpoint to the Rainbow Mountain.

The program that we offer you in this opportunity, tour to the Rainbnow Mountain is by the short route so that you have little physical wear and tear and save energy for the return.

The famous Vinincunca mountain (seven colors), is administered by the same inhabitants of the place, they are organized, and to be able to enter the natural attraction they request an entrance ticket that has a cost of S /. 10.00 Soles per person (USD 3.50), which is mandatory to pay this amount in order to access the place.

We include the entrance ticket to the Rainbow Mountain tour in the rate.

The journey to reach the top of the mountain is relatively easy, from the point where the transport leaves you, you go along a path of 1 hour, it is through flat terrain, but nevertheless there are people who cannot walk, due to the height and lack of oxygen.

Renting a horse is the best alternative, in order to achieve the feat, at the point where the transport leaves us there are many muleteers, offering their services. It will not be necessary for you to be an expert riding a horse, since the horses offered there are very tame, and the muleteers themselves will be the ones to take you.

To be able to rent a horse, it has a cost of between S /. 70.00 Soles to S /. 80.00 Soles (USD 25.00) this money you will have to carry cash in soles, it should be remembered that when renting the horse you will also have the service of the muleteer.

It should be noted that the horse will only take you to the slopes of the Mountain of Colors, at this point you will have to walk about 30 minutes along a very steep path, until you reach the top of the famous Rainbow Mountain.

As I am explaining to you and being very repetitive, the height that is reached is 5 thousand meters above sea level, which requires previous experience in hiking and having been a few days before in the City of Cusco, even if you have been able to acclimatize, and not have any inconvenience on the way to the Rainbow Mountain.

Being a wild area, where the path is through the mountains in the Andes, there are very rustic toilets, there are in 02 places throughout the route of the walk.

Said hygienic services have a cost of S /. 1.00 (bring cash).

Definitely the best time in drought, which would be between the months of April to November.

The cold is intense reaching zero degrees Celsius and sometimes you will find Vinincunca Mountain totally covered with snow, which in these cases the temperature decreases much more, like -5 degrees Celsius.

This tour is aimed at people over 12 years old, who preferably have a previous experience in hiking and especially who have been in the City of Cusco a few days prior to acclimatization.

Please, if you have any questions, please write to us:


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